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Capita Local Public Services (LPS) supports UK councils by delivering a range of services, across their communities – from tax and revenue collection, to property surveys, planning and building controls. Across these varied services, their employees carry out a range of roles, with some requiring individuals to work alone, putting them at an increased health and safety risk.

  • Pooled devices for shared users
  • Waterproof solution provided to Ecology team
  • Stronger lone worker protocol
  • Confidently report on device usage to maximise adoption

The challenge

Following a comprehensive risk assessment, it was identified that some of the employees required a more protective lone worker solution to ensure they were able to work safely, with effective support available should the need arise. The team set out to source an enhanced lone working solution with a set of agreed requirements to manage the high-risk activity.

The solution

Capita, CREI, had already conducted an in-depth analysis of the market for a lone working solution and appointed Peoplesafe as a preferred provider, as their devices provided the best solution to meet their needs. This enabled Capita LPS to easily adopt Peoplesafe as their preferred option too, in the confidence that they have the optimum solutions in the marketplace.

After consulting with Peoplesafe, Capita LPS identified that the SOS alarm with GPS tracking, fitted with fall detection and roaming SIM features, provided the best solution for their high-risk lone workers. As Peoplesafe devices are not required to be assigned to a specific individual, Capita LPS chose to have a number of pooled devices that could be shared by different members of staff, so they could be used when needed, making this solution extremely adaptable. If a member of the team worked on a high-risk project, they would be provided with a device for the duration of the project, rather than over a longer, fixed term.

Peoplesafe’s range of solutions and flexibility has enabled Capita LPS and Capita CREI to respond to the different needs of its business, in order to keep all of their lone workers safe. For example, the Ecology team uses the MicroSOS device, which is IP67-rated and therefore waterproof. Furthermore, one employee has a medical condition that means they’re at higher risk while working from home, so Peoplesafe has provided a bespoke solution by making changes to their fall detection functionality.

The results

With support from Peoplesafe, Capita LPS has strengthened its lone worker protocol, further helping to protect employees, with 100 devices now in use. They’ve also developed lone worker remote solutions, onboarding and training materials.

Peoplesafe also provides device data usage reporting in an easy-to-use portal, which has enabled the Capita LPS H&S team to monitor their staff device use effectively, to maximise device adoption, as well as ensuring complete visibility and control, along with understanding how the devices are protecting their staff, along with the response service provided by Peoplesafe.

They can now confidently report on how the devices are supporting their vulnerable workers, and managers find it much easier to access the solutions they need to keep employees safe.

“I am really impressed with the service we receive from Peoplesafe. We have developed key contacts who always deliver a consistent and excellent service – they are very experienced, responsive, and work closely with me and my team to find solutions. I always feel confident that we’re in safe hands.

An ability to report on our health and safety provision is something that’s really important, and the portal tells me everything I need to know at the click of a button. By working closely with Peoplesafe we have developed an effective approach to high risk lone working, and I know we are now providing better protection for our employees, along with operating more efficiently too.”
Afifa Khojbaria, SHE Advisor, Capita LPS
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