International Worker Safety

Ensure the safety of your staff even when they are not in the UK.

Travel with confidence

Travelling overseas for work generates a number of risks that employers need to be aware of and mitigate against when asking staff to work internationally.

Criminals often target tourists and travellers because they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings providing them with an opportunity to take advantage of any uncertainty. Similarly, senior business leaders can be targeted by potential abductors looking to hold companies for ransom.

Working in countries where English is not the first language can create a possible language barrier, and there may also be certain customs that the employee is not aware of, potentially causing conflict where it normally could have been avoided.

Protecting international workers

Multinational businesses have workers stationed all around the world with regional offices and divisions operating independently from the UK base.

Our 24/7 service can be utilised to receive an alarm from outside the UK and follow a pre-determined escalation process to notify relevant people or security services in the relevant country.

Use case: a UK business has a factory in Germany that employs 100 people and has an on-site security team. Supplying workers with the Peoplesafe service, they can raise an SOS alarm in an emergency. That alarm will be received by the ARC and passed to the on-site team to resolve.

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