Emergency Alert System

An emergency notification system that enables you to send and track mass notifications to thousands of people simultaneously, delivering critical communications in an emergency.


An independent service that won’t be compromised in event of a cyber-attack or network outages.


Real-time and historic reports can be generated enabling your business to comply with ISO22301.

Global Reach

Messages can be sent anywhere in the world. They can be geofenced to a specific region and tailored to the recipient’s native language.


Notifications can be triggered by existing technologies e.g., fire alarms, building management systems and SIEM software.
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Critical Event Management

The number one problem in any emergency is communication. Using an emergency alert system streamlines crisis management communications, business continuity efforts and disaster recovery to accelerate response times.

Peoplesafe Alert is a secure, cost-effective, encrypted mass notification service which provides fast communication during critical incidents and emergencies. Messages are sent from a central management portal ensuring you keep complete control over who receives what information and when.

Emergency notifications can be delivered in one of four ways: directly to the app, via SMS, as an email, or via a voice call. The Peoplesafe Alert service provides an effective and reliable alternative to WhatsApp, email, and social media to keep employees and employers connected in the event of an emergency.

From pandemics and extreme weather, to cyber attacks, the world we live in is becoming increasingly volatile.

Businesses must be ready to protect their staff in the event of a crisis.

Peoplesafe is the UK’s market leader with state-of-the-art technology and safety systems protecting over 170,000 employees across the country and beyond.

Our brand new emergency alert system is designed specifically for such a crisis, allowing you to protect your staff when they need it most.

Sending mass notifications to thousands of staff in seconds with complete control over who receives what information and when.

Geofencing allows you to notify staff based on their location reducing the overhead of managing large user populations.

Over 3,000 employers already trust us to protect their employees.

Why not put your employee’s safety in our hands and get complete peace of mind that in the event of a crisis, you’re covered with Peoplesafe Alert.

Peoplesafe Alert is:

  • Dedicated – specific service for critical event management that can override silent settings and send repeat notifications until responded to
  • Targeted – messages can be sent to specific groups or geofenced locations with global reach
  • Fast – 2,000 messages sent per second
  • Auditable – compliant against ISO 22301 with reports available in real-time and for historic use
  • Safe and secure – encrypted service delivered from ISO 27001 certified Microsoft data centres in the UK
  • Simple to deploy – integration with Active Directory reduces management overheads

BCI Corporate Member

Peoplesafe is a corporate member of the Business Continuity Institute – the world’s leading professional association for improving organisational resilience.

How Peoplesafe Alert is used

Our emergency notification system has a range of different use cases to ensure control throughout crisis management, including:

  • To warn and inform staff of a critical event (e.g. cyber attack)
  • To help protect the welfare and security of staff near an active emergency
  • To lockdown and evacuate sites during emergencies
  • To notify staff of critical events while working remotely
  • To help mobilise key responders

We provide businesses with a dedicated and independent system to communicate with staff during an incident.

Peoplesafe Alert with SMS

We offer an alternative message delivery channel via SMS that compliments the core app-based service to help assist:

  • messages to be sent to more informal contacts, such as contractors, customers, supply chain, etc. about the critical event and how they can remain safe
  • mass communications to large communities of users, such as local authority areas for civil contingency purposes.

Using Peoplesafe Alert with SMS guarantees accurate message transmission through a carrier-grade SS7 service that is designed to be highly reliable and robust. Up to 1,000 SMS messages can be sent per second enabling you to swiftly reach large groups of people, regardless of where they are located.

“Peoplesafe Alert has improved message response time from up to an hour, to an auditable 91% open rate in under a minute, with an 80% response rate also under a minute.”
Control room manager, Fire and Rescue Service
“The success of the installation has given the fire service the confidence to extend their capabilities. It is the intention to now integrate Peoplesafe Alert with the fire service’s commanded and control system. This will consolidate the management of critical communication and further streamline operations.”
Control room manager, Fire and Rescue Service
“We see Peoplesafe Alert becoming a centralise notification service for our entire IT eco system and as it also helps meet our FSA and PRA regulatory obligations, would highly recommend its use within the finance sector.”
Head of IT, Building Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an emergency notification system?

Businesses require a continuity plan to comply with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines. Communication and speed of response is vital in an emergency. While emails and messaging platforms (e.g. WhatsApp) are useful in a number of business situations, they are not designed for use in an emergency.

Unlike a dedicated emergency notification system, it’s not possible to report on how many people have opened and responded to messages sent via email, SMS and social media in real time. Similarly, messages on these platforms can be forwarded and edited. As a result, staff could be working from outdated or incorrect information which will hinder response times.

In the event of a cyber attack, standard methods of business communication (i.e. email) would be prevented. Mass notification tools are typically ‘air-gapped’ and are therefore independent from other systems and software meaning it will not be compromised during a cyber attack.

Yes, messages can be sent from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. The app is available to download in all countries.

Yes, our data hosting is certified to hold and transact UK Government communications to the OFFICAL level of security classification.

iPhone, Android and Windows 10

Interested in Peoplesafe Alert?

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