Royal British Legion Industries

The Royal British Legion (RBLI) are arguably one of the most recognisable charities in the UK. Established in 1919 to provide treatment and support to those returning from the front lines in the First World War, the charity has grown exponentially. They provide financial, social and emotional support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces, their families and dependants.

Perhaps best known for the yearly Poppy Appeal and Remembrance services, the Legion support nearly 36,000 War Disablement Pension cases for war veterans and make around 300,000 welfare and friendship visits every year.

Staff delivering their ‘front of house’ services may find themselves working alone within the community. RBLI recognised that calling for help in an emergency situation would prove difficult with no means of backup to hand. They deemed it necessary to invest in a reliable and trusted lone worker protection system to help mitigate risks towards their staff.

Having examined the lone worker protection market for the most discreet and reliable solution, RBLI turned to the MySOS personal protection device to safeguard its workforce.

The MySOS – a small and discreet personal safety device, enables users to raise an alert simply by pressing the SOS button. This connects them to Peoplesafe’s Alarm Receiving Centre, where two-way audio enables trained Alarm Controllers to listen in to the situation; speak if it is safe to so, and summon the appropriate emergency response where necessary. Because the device is GPS enabled, Alarm Controllers can quickly locate the user’s exact position.

Certified to the highest industry standards, including Secured by Design and BS 8484:2022, Peoplesafe are able to summon the highest level of police response when called for to assist the user.

The flexible design of the MySOS enables staff to wear the device discreetly in a number of ways – as a pendant on a lanyard or ID card, attached to a belt holster, or carried as a keyring. This is a crucial element of the device, allowing it to remain unseen by an aggressor in potentially dangerous situations.

“The units are very discreet and work perfectly in the environment in which we deliver our service,” commented Edward Tidbury, Head of Specialist Employment Support for RBLI.

“The team gain the peace of mind that they have support, initially remotely but then in person should a situation require.”

“Thankfully no team member has had to use Peoplesafe in anger, however they view the system as an insurance policy. Hopefully, they’ll never have to use it but it’s there if they do.”

“From a manager’s viewpoint it is vital for me to feel that my team (my most valuable resource) are fully protected when they are out in the field.”
Edward Tidbury, Head of Specialist Employment Support

“I would most definitely recommend Peoplesafe to other organisations for all the reasons I listed above. This is a very discreet yet supportive service that provides security for staff members in formal situations.”

Peoplesafe are entrusted not only by RBLI but thousands of organisations across the public, private, and charity sectors to provide continuous round-the-clock backup and support.

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