Seven Asset Management

Seven Asset Management are a commercial fleet management company, supplying HGV contract hire and fleet management services to some of the UK’s largest manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and numerous other industries.

Founded in 1997, the company has over 2,000 vehicles nationwide from trucks and vans to specialised refrigeration containers. To help keep drivers moving, Seven’s operations team carries out repairs and maintenance around the clock. Naturally, this means mobile engineers spend a lot of time on the road, visiting a variety of premises under all manner of circumstances.

With the safety of employees being integral, the company identified the need to provide on-call engineers with personal alarms so they could get fast assistance in times of need. Seven required an option that would offer their engineers backup 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, wherever they were working – even in areas where mobile coverage was poor.

Seven discovered that Peoplesafe’s MySOS was the perfect fit for the company, providing exactly what they needed at an affordable price. The discreet unit, designed specifically for lone workers, allows access to a monitored UK-based Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) at the press of a button. Alarm Controllers are specially trained to respond to emergency situations and can follow bespoke procedures specified by the company to either inform designated staff or escalate to the emergency services.

So, if engineers suffer an accident or find themselves in a difficult situation, reaching for the MySOS could potentially save their life.

MySOS also has a fall detection feature with impact sensors that can automatically raise an alarm if a user was to slip or fall. In this eventuality, Alarm Controllers are able to locate the worker quickly, as the device will send their position using GPS. The accuracy of this feature was particularly impressive to Seven, as it enabled units to be tracked to within a few meters.

Managing and administering the service is made easy through the online Peoplesafe Portal, which has a number of tools and reporting functions so managers can view detailed data on alarm activations and how staff are using the devices.

Units can be allocated to users and shared with other employees through the system as and when required. Details of escalation procedures and users (e.g. existing medical conditions) can also be supplied via the Peoplesafe Portal, to provide Alarm Controllers with information that could prove important when dealing with an incident.

Overall, the simplicity of the system helps set Peoplesafe apart. All staff have to do is remember their device, clip it onto their belt and then they’re ready to go.

When asked about his thoughts on Peoplesafe, Training Manager, John Marshall commented, “it’s nice to know our staff are looked after.”

“We would certainly recommend Peoplesafe to other organisations looking to protect their lone workers. The service is exceptional.”
John Marshall, Training Manager
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