Peoplesafe ARC – How It Works

The ARC is at the heart of the personal safety service we provide. It is dedicated to protecting employees at risk so we can ensure consistent quality of service. Our staff and management teams are not diluted by other service offerings, such as CCTV monitoring or intruder alarms.

At Peoplesafe we are working solely on the protection of lone workers. We are the largest provider of lone worker protection services in the UK.
We call this an ARC and that’s short for Alarm Receiving Centre. It is the Hub of where we receive personal safety alarm activations. So, they come in a way of false alarm, planned activations, or they could be genuine incidents.

It’s very secure. It’s it has no windows, it’s bombproof, ramraid proof etc., It’s surrounded by reinforced concrete steel. We hold the European standard for an Alarm Receiving Centre, which is EN:50518. We also operate under BS:8484, which is the British standard for managing worker alarms.

We work with a wide range of Industries and a number of sectors, both public sector and private sector. So, in the public sector we work extensively with the NHS, we do a lot of work with police constabularies around protection of domestic abuse victims and we also do a lot of work with the private sector, from construction companies to hotels, hospitality, retail. There’s so many use cases that arise today where employees need that form of protection.

We have something called a URN and that is a unique reference number that is allocated to all of the police services. So, in the event of a serious incident, or a threat to life, we have the resource to be able to call a different number other than 999 which were allow the police force to arrive within three to four minutes.

We actually manufacture the products themselves. We sell them, we service them, we provide the Alarm Receiving Centre which a lot of organizations actually outsource, but we actually do internally.

If they activate an alarm it sends simultaneously sends a text message and a phone call to the Alarm Receiving Centre here. We have to pick that up within 10 seconds. We then monitor that to listen to what’s happening.

If we can hear a furor in the background then we need to get an understanding by listening to exactly what’s happening and we wouldn’t engage with the user until we believed it was safe to do so.

End-to-end in this building, everything is covered for you. We don’t use third parties for any part of our service. The ARC is in-house, it’s been certified to the highest standards of BS:8484, all of the processes, all of the people that work, the way we work, it’s all built around lone working services.

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